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[jetty-users] 100 Expect and apache proxy


We have an Apache Proxy in front of jetty. When connecting to our CXF
webservice with a .Net Client. It fail after upgrade to 9.1.2.

On Jetty 8 this happends:
Client posts with Expect 100 continue
Apache send 100 Continue
Client send the rest of the body
Jetty sends 401

Client send post with expect and Authheader
Apache send 100 continue
Client send rest of body
Jetty responds with 200 ok

On Jetty 9:
Client send  post with Expect 100 continue
Apache sendt 100 continue
Client send rest of post
Jetty responds with 401 when it receives the post data.
Apache sends 502 bad gateway to client.

I have attached wireshark dump and serverkey to decrypt ssl stream.

Anyone have any ideas why this started to fail with jetty 9.1.2?

I fixed it with adding
RequestHeader unset Expect early
to apache config.

Though it would be great if my authfilter could run before we sent 100
continue, with a proxy infront.


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