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Re: [jetty-users] Upgrading to Jetty 9.1

>I just pushed a fix for #426870, can you try it out ?

Thanks, Simone! 
Just gave it a shot after building from source. It works perfectly now.
I tried using the snapshot repo first, but apparently that is only built once a day.

There is something I cant really understand, though - why the heck does jetty interpret the request coming from big ip as a http 1.0 request? 
My clients, both my browser and curl use http 1.1 - what could make jetty believe it's a 1.0 request? 
Actually, I'm using a proxy (which only supports http 1.0 it turns out ...), but this is https (using Connect), so the 1.1 request reaches the big ip. In addition the response from big ip clearly states it's a 1.1 request.

BTW - I attached to the actual jvm behind the load balancer, and looked at the ServletRequest in It tells me its a 1.0 request. 
Where is the jetty code that chooses to interpret the request as 1.0, 1.1 etc

Unfortunately I'm struggeling to get access to run a tcpdump - but should get that in the next few days


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