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Re: [jetty-users] When does a Jetty thread exactly become idle?

Ssl is a little complex in Jetty-8, specially when it comes to closing, so there is a chance that a thread can become blocked during the close conversation in jetty-8.

SSL has been entirely rewritten in Jetty-9 and what's more is fully asynchronous, so that a thread will should never block in close.

However, the caveat in this is that we have seen some JVM issues where close is blocking even for non-blocking channels. 


On 13 December 2013 01:41, Takenori Sato <tsato@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a case that CLOSING state socket remains.

And I wonder if this could have led to long latency in Jetty.
For example, as more and more CLOSING state sockets get piled up,
and reaches to maxThreads, then new requests won't get processed until they are cleaned up.

So, when does a Jetty thread become idle, exactly?
If it is soon after sending FIN, CLOSING state won't be an issue.

I have looked through the source code, 
also like bug 364921, but didn't get any clue.
Can you suggest where to look at?

My environment:


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