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[jetty-users] Start up order of contexthandlers / jetty maven plugin app?


I'm trying to get the jetty:run target of the maven jetty plugin to start up a dependency war before starting the normal webapp.
Basically I'm trying to startup a portlet container prior to deploying the portlets from the project.

I've tried a lot of different things (and a ton of jetty versions), but to no avail.

If I specify a jetty.xml that adds a WebAppContext for the portal into the ContextHandlerCollection it looks like the portal is starting up before the app from the plugin (console output from portal first), but things does not look correct in the deployed portal after entire server is started. (the plugin webapp is deployed, but not registered in the portal - that mostly happens when the portal app isn't started first).

Is there a way that I can ensure that the portal war is started before the webapp in the maven plugin? (it seems that the portal just needs to be initialized first, both apps seem to deploy correctly when i start a normal server containing both wars - god knows what determines the order in that case)


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