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[jetty-users] setMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize has no effect on Jetty's AbstractExtension WebSocketPolicy

In my JSR WebSocket's @OnOpen method, I'm calling javax.websocket.Session.setMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize to increase the buffer size. I have verified that WebSocketPolicy.setMaxBinaryMessageBufferSize is getting called and correctly changing a policy's buffer size.

In line 86 of DeflateFrameExtension, however, the policy returned by the call to getPolicy() is apparently a different WebSocketPolicy, as its binaryMessageBufferSize remains at the default value of 32KB.

Should extensions share the WebSocketPolicy object of the Session itself? Or is there some other way that I should be configuring these maximums specific to extensions.

Tangentially, I found in extensive testing that binary messages of 128KB were the ideal size for Google Chrome for streaming binary data. Firefox kept improving as the binary message size got larger. Other devs who have noticed this may be using message sizes of 128KB for streaming large amounts of data, so a default size of 32KB may not be ideal.

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