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[jetty-users] How to set a non-SSL SPDY/3 connector with Jetty 9.1.x

Hi all,

I would like to set up a non-SSL SPDY/3 connector with Jetty 9.1.0.RC0, to be able to test a non-SSL based SPDY/3 client. Unfortunately I have almost no experience with Jetty and its configuration.

With Jetty 8.1.13, I could do this by placing the following in etc/jetty-spdy.xml:

    <Call name="addConnector">
            <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.spdy.http.HTTPSPDYServerConnector">
                <Set name="Port">8444</Set>
                <Set name="defaultAsyncConnectionFactory">
                    <Call name="getAsyncConnectionFactory">

and adding "spdy" to the OPTIONS list in start.ini, and then running jetty with npn-boot-1.1.6.v20130911.jar on the classpath.

However, since Jetty 9 the configuration seems to have changed and I have no idea how to set a non-SSL SPDY/3 connector with Jetty 9.1.0.RC0. Can anyone give me an example configuration?

One more question, does Jetty 9.1.0 support WebSocket Layering over SPDY/3 as described in this document: ?

Thank you!


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