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Re: [jetty-users] Dynamic Servlet Registration

Am 18.10.2013 06:27, schrieb Jan Bartel:

> Moreover, isn't it confusing for Grails users that the Tomcat version
> in use supports servlet 3.0, but the jetty version doesn't??? Really
> sounds like Grails needs to update a version - do you have any
> contacts within Grails to advocate for that?

I think the reason for that might have to do with the fact, that
Jetty 8 and higher needs a more or less complete rewrite of the
jetty-configuration-XML-files. 7.6 is the last version where e.g.
the old addConnector-methods worked with SelectChannelConnector
as parameter existed.

So updating to a newer version will lead to quite some work on
the Grails developers' side or the user base that has to change
their configuration files manually.

Best regards, Lothar

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