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[jetty-users] StatisticsHandler for Request related information

Hi All,
I am trying to collect the stats regarding the request received, time taken to process it and average number of requests per second etc in Jetty 9.

I followed this tutorial

but was not able to make it work correctly. So i uncommented the "etc/jetty-stats.xml" line in start.ini file and i am able to observe some statistics now.

I am observing the stats through the jconsole on the same machine as the server. I am able to see the connection related stats under

MBean tab -> org.eclipse.jetty.server -> connectorsstatistics -> HTTP. 

But these does not have request/response time as such. I would like to know how to get this statistics.

The statistics i am interested in are similar to the methods mentioned here

Any help will be greatly appreciated 


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