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[jetty-users] iOS 5.1 devices do not work with jetty websocket

Hi guys,

I have a web application based on web socket, for old iOS 5.1 devices it only supports hixie75, they do not submit version or draft info in the header. However, the WebSocketServerFactory needs this kind of information to handshake, see the code below from WebSocketServerFactory:

        int version = request.getHeaderInt("Sec-WebSocket-Version");
        if (version < 0)
            // Old pre-RFC version specifications (header not present in RFC-6455)
            version = request.getHeaderInt("Sec-WebSocket-Draft");

        WebSocketHandshake handshaker = handshakes.get(version);
        if (handshaker == null)
            LOG.warn("Unsupported Websocket version: " + version);
            // Per RFC 6455 - 4.4 - Supporting Multiple Versions of WebSocket Protocol
            // Using the examples as outlined
            response.sendError(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST_400,"Unsupported websocket version specification");
            return false;

My question is, is it possible to configure a fallback default Sec-WebSocket-Version? In my case, I want it to be 17 as a default value.

Daniel Wu
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