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Re: [jetty-users] Upgrading from 8.1.8 to 9.1.0


Am 07.10.2013 17:03, schrieb John English:
> I just downloaded 9.1.0.RC0, and did a straight replace of the
> JARs I use in my existing system. When I tried to start it up
> I got this error when I try to set up the SSL connector in my
> etc/jetty.xml:


> Obviously many things have changed since 8.1.8. It seems that
> each major release involves me in a complete rewrite of all my
> configuration files.

Welcome to my world ;-)

> I've had to completely replace jetty-jmx.xml
> with the version from the distro, and also comment out this line
> in jetty.xml:
>   <Set name="GracefulShutdown">1000</Set>
> which I can presumably live without (?), but the SSL configuration
> is a real show stopper. I've looked at the docs, but I'm still
> baffled. Can anyone please tell me what spell I should incant to
> placate 9.1.0 instead of the above?

The relevant parts can be found in the files jetty-https.xml and
jetty-ssl.xml. You can replace your addConnector-part with the
one in jetty-https.xml. My testcase here sets up everything in
code, so I can't come up with an XML-fragment, but I was setting
up the code according to the XML and it works.

This change already exists in Jetty 9.0.x (which I currently use
as base for my Jetty-migration). Be advised that there are still
open bugs in the SSL-Connector - I submitted the one at
There were changes already (as I said I test with 9.0.x) and the
single reported effect doesn't show up anymore, but there are
still issues with the (complete) testcase here. As well the bug-
owner doesn't seem to see this issue be fixed completely since
there is no new status on the ticket.

Regards, Lothar

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