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[jetty-users] maven-jetty-plugin - how to add directory to container classpath


I'm using version 9.1.0.M0 of the maven-jetty-plugin. According to the documentation, the preferred way to add "provided" dependencies to the container classpath is to add them as explicit dependencies to the plugin. Like so:


I would like to also add a directory (eg. src/test/resources) to the container classpath. Is there an easy way to do this? I remember seeing something about an "extraClasspath" tag that could be used under the <plugin><configuration> section, but it looks like that's been removed. I could potentially create a jar artifact to hold the contents of this directory and then add that new artifact as a dependency to the plugin, but that seems awkward.

To reiterate my question, is there an easy way to add a directory to the container classpath when using the jetty-maven-plugin?

Thank you.

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