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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.5.v20130815 Released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Jetty 9.0.5 release.  The issues resolved are listed below.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.  P2 repositories are available from Eclipse.

Living Documentation is always available here:

For this specific release you can browse:

Since and sponsored the development of this release they are currently making available for download the documentation in PDF form.  Over 400 pages of Jetty PDF goodness that you can download for free from (free registration required).

Finally, if you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the new guided bugzilla page located here:


jetty-9.0.5.v20130815 - 15 August 2013
 + 414898 Only upgrade v0 to v1 cookies on dquote , ; backslash space and tab
   in the value
 + 404468 Ported jetty-http-spi to Jetty-9
 + 405424 add X-Powered-By and Server header to SPDY
 + 405535 implement Request.isUserInRole(role) check security-role-refs
   defaulting to security-role if no matching ref
 + 408235 SPDYtoHTTP proxy fix: remove hop headers from upstream server
 + 409028 Jetty HttpClient does not work with proxy CONNECT method.
 + 409282 fix intermittently failing MaxConcurrentStreamTest
 + 409845 add test that makes sure that DataFrameGenerator correctly prepends
   the header information
 + 410498 ignore type of exception in
 + 410668 HTTP client should support the PATCH method.
 + 410800 Make RewritePatternRule queryString aware
 + 410805 StandardSession: remove all frameBytes for a given stream from queue
   if the stream is reset
 + 411216 RequestLogHandler handles async completion
 + 411458 MultiPartFilter getParameterMap doesn't preserve multivalued
   parameters 411459  MultiPartFilter.Wrapper getParameter should use charset
   encoding of part
 + 411538 Use Replacement character for bad parameter % encodings
 + 411545 SslConnection.DecryptedEndpoint.fill() sometimes misses a few network
 + 411755 MultiPartInputStreamParser fails on base64 encoded content
 + 411844 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on wild URL.
 + 411909 GzipFilter flushbuffer() results in erroneous finish() call
 + 412234 fix bug where NetworkTrafficSelectChannelEndpoint counted bytes wrong
   on incomplete writes
 + 412318 HttpChannel fix multiple calls to _transport.completed() if handle()
   is called multiple times while the channel is COMPLETED
 + 412418 HttpTransportOverSPDY fix race condition while sending push streams
   that could cause push data not to be sent. Fixes intermittent test issues in
 + 412442 Avoid connection timeout after FIN-FIN close
 + 412466 Improved search for unset JETTY_HOME
 + 412608 EOF Chunk not sent on inputstream static content
 + 412629 PropertyFileLoginModule doesn't cache user configuration file even
   for refreshInterval=0
 + 412637 ShutdownMonitorThread already started
 + 412712 HttpClient does not send the terminal chunk after partial writes.
 + 412713 add dumpOnStart configuration to jetty-maven-plugin
 + 412750 HttpClient close expired connections fix
 + 412814 HttpClient calling CompleteListener.onComplete() twice.
 + 412846 jetty Http Client Connection through Proxy is failing with Timeout.
 + 412938 Request.setCharacterEncoding now throws UnsupportedEncodingException
   instead of UnsupportedCharsetException
 + 413034 Multiple webapps redeploy returns NamingException with AppDynamics
 + 413066 accept lower case method: head
 + 413108 HttpClient hardcodes dispatchIO=false when using SSL.
 + 413113 Inconsistent Request.getURI() when adding parameters via
 + 413154 ContextHandlerCollection defers virtual host handling to
 + 413155 HttpTransportOverSPDY remove constructor argument for version and get
   version from stream.getSession instead
 + 413371 Default JSON.Converters for List and Set.
 + 413372 JSON Enum uses name rather than toString()
 + 413393 better logging of bad URLs in Resources
 + 413486 SessionCookieConfig setters should throw IllegalStateException if
   called after context started
 + 413568 Made AJP worker name generic
 + 413684 Trailing slash shows JSP source
 + 413901 isAsyncStarted remains true while original request is dispatched
 + 414085 Add jetty-continuations to plugin dependencies
 + 414101 Do not escape special characters in cookies
 + 414235 RequestLogHandler configured on a context fails to handle forwarded
 + 414393 StringIndexOutofBoundsException with > 8k multipart content without
   CR or LF
 + 414449 Added HttpParser strict mode for case sensitivity
 + 414507 Ensure AnnotationParser ignores parent dir hierarchy when checking
   for hidden dirnames
 + 414625 final static version fields
 + 414640 HTTP header value encoding
 + 414652 WebSocket's sendMessage() may hang on congested connections.
 + 414727 Ensure asynchronously flushed resources are closed
 + 414763 Added org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.stderr.ESCAPE option
 + 414833 HttpSessionListener.destroy must be invoked in reverse order
 + 414840 Request.login() throws NPE if username is null
 + 414951 QueuedThreadPool fix constructor that missed to pass the idleTimeout
 + 414972 HttpClient may read bytes with pre-tunnelled connection.

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