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Re: [jetty-users] slowloris vulnerability

Hi René,

I've just run slowloris against Jetty 9. Besides the (expected) amount of established connections which move to FIN_WAIT_2 and CLOSE_WAIT, jetty doesn't care. As Jetty 9 is purely using NIO there's no threads being occupied for idle connections. Same should be the case for all NIO connectors in Jetty 8. During the slowloris attack Jetty 9 kept responding fast and unimpressed of the attack (again as expected).


Am 8/5/13 8:42 AM, schrieb René Hartwig:

we're using the Acunetix vulnerability scanner to search for
vulnerabilities in our application. Recently Acunetix discovered a
slowloris vulnerability here :

We're using Jetty Version 8.1.7.v20120910. Do you have any further
knowledge of this vulnerability together with Jetty 8?
It seems that the only possibility how this attack can be avoided is to
set the maxIdleTime < 10sec which I do not like very much.
Do you have any advice for me what I can do to avoid this finding,
besides from setting the maxIdleTime so low?

Thank you and best regards,

René Hartwig


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