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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.4 issue (also in 9.0.5-SNAPSHOT) with Spring MVC Async (test provided)

Since this is only reproducible under load, I wouldn't conclude just yet this is a Jetty 9 vs Jetty 8 issue. I've added some suggestions under the Spring JIRA ticket on debugging this further and helping to narrow down the issue.


On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 6:35 PM, David Harrigan <dharrigan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've come across a problem with Jetty 9 that does not happen on Jetty 8.1.11. It appears that after a while (reproduced by using Siege), Spring MVC (with an Async Callable Controller) fails to find a View. 

The View can be loaded via a web browser, so it's not that it doesn't exist - it just appears that under a bit of stress, Spring with Jetty can't find it.

As always, it's difficult to determine if this a problem with Spring or a problem with Jetty 9. My only evidence so far is that under Jetty 8.1.11 I am unable to reproduce the problem.

I've uploaded my test project here:

Please feel free to clone and try out and see if I'm not going crazy :-)

Thank you.


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