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[jetty-users] ExpressionFactory performance issue with service discovery in javax.el 2.2.0.v201108011116

I opened a few minutes ago:

This is obviously causing significant performance impact and affect scaling, the only quick alternative I see would be to replace temporarily the orbit javax.el version with the one from tomcat.
Short of that working would be to patch the orbit el code.

This might seem a bit of a stretch as I'm not sure what is the significant difference without doing a diff between the 2 source codes. I'll have a look at that soonish, in the meantime I was wondering:

Is there any significant difference in the codebase that you know of ?
From where is coming the repackaged orbit: javax.el 2.2.0.v201108011116 ?

Do you see a possible release with updated version of it "soonish" ?

Thanks !

-- stephane

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