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Re: [jetty-users] slow file serving from Jetty 8/9 (but not 7)?

Hey Ryan,

are you 100% sure that the slowdown is related to your jetty upgrade? I ask, because jetty 7 and jetty 8 do have an equal codebase, except that 8 provides servlet 3.0 functionality. It keeps confusing people, but it'll be solved with jetty 9.

If serving a simple image takes 10 seconds than it's most likely not some configuration issue.

Do you have request logging enabled? If not, please do so and make sure to call setLogLatency(true) to log response times. E.g. in jetty-requestlog.xml add: "<Set name="LogLatency">true</Set>".

If that reveals that jetty is responding fast, it's something else. Otherwise you can enable jetty's debug logging and see if that reveals where the time is spend or use a java profiler of your choice.

What exact versions of jetty 7,8,9 are you comparing btw.? Always the most recent ones?


Am 1/14/13 11:23 PM, schrieb Ryan McKinley:

I have been running jenkins on Jetty 7 for a long time.  I need to move
jenkins to a new machine and am trying to run Jetty 8 (or 9) in both
cases, the artifact download speeds are terrible.

In every case, I am using the shipped default configurations and adding
the jenkins.war file

On a server with 30Mbps upload speeds, it takes ~10 secs to download:

Any idea what configuration parameters I should tweak to get better


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