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Re: [jetty-users] error when redeploying to local jetty8 in intellij


Changing the webdefaults.xml initparam for useFileMappedBuffer is the correct way to fix the issue on Windows platforms. Sounds like the webdefaults.xml is not being picked up. You need to apply that modified webdefaults.xml file to the context for your webapp. How you do that depends on how you are running jetty and deploying your webapp. If you're using the jetty maven plugin then set <webapp><defaultsDescriptor> to be the location of the modified webdefaults.xml file. If you have a context xml file that describes your webapp, then call <Set name="defaultsDescriptor"> to be the location of the modified webdefaults.xml file. If you deploy the context directly in your jetty xml file, then call <Set name="defaultsDescriptor"> on the section that represents the context. If you're using one of the Deployers to deploy your webapp, then there are instructions on how to set it.


On 3 January 2013 19:59, kamiseq <kamiseq@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have problem when I redeploy war to local jetty in IDEA Intellij (when I select 'update resources on frame deactivation' or I choose artifacts to redeploy) editor throws

Error copying 'myproj\src\main\webapp\less\defaults.less' to 'myproj\target\myproj.war
\less\defaults.less'.: myproj\target\myproj.war\less\defaults.less
(The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)

from this post I ve found out that I should configure jetty to stop lock resources but I cannot force jetty to do so.

I tried to override configuration in web.xml or in webdefault.xml


but it has no effect. my jetty server is configured using jetty-jmx.xml file inside intellij and it throws error when I try to to change it to something different. I tried to set useFileMappedBuffer propoerty somwhere in jetty-jmx.xml but I cant find the proper place.

I had same exception using intellij 11 and most recent 12 so I guess it has more to do with jetty configuration rather then editor itself. 
anyway I ve already asked similar question on IDEA forum but I have no response since then.

I would appreciate any feedback on this,


Paweł Kamiński


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