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[jetty-users] Load testing slowness

I am load testing a Cometd app deployed to Jetty 8.1.3.v20120416. What I find occasionally, but not always, is that the handshake process is extremely slow (~15-20s per client instead of 100ms).

Looking at a thread dump, I see that the vast majority of QTP threads in the following state:

"qtp1870207216-70" prio=10 tid=0x00007fa35419b800 nid=0x7924 waiting for monitor entry [0x00007fa349fe2000]
   java.lang.Thread.State: BLOCKED (on object monitor)
        at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHolder.handle(
        - waiting to lock <0x0000000780398e50> (a org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHolder)
        at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$CachedChain.doFilter(
        at org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CrossOriginFilter.handle(
        at org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CrossOriginFilter.doFilter(
        at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$CachedChain.doFilter(

Looking at the source at, I see that all of these threads are waiting on the instance of ServletHolder, but I don't see why getServlet() would be running so slow or blocked by a lack of OS resources. But maybe I'm missing something?


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