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Re: [jetty-users] Is jetty 6 is supported on Windows 2012

Hi Harikesh,

at the end jetty is just a Java Application that runs in a JVM. As you can run a JVM on Windows Server 2012, you'll be able to run jetty on Windows Server 12. Regardless of that I'd recommend you to upgrade to Jetty7/8 (same codebase, but 8 provides Servlet 3.0 features if you need that) or go straight to Jetty9 which doesn't have a final release yet, but it's milestones should be pretty stable. Still it's bleeding edge and might have some rough edges.


Am 12/11/12 11:29 AM, schrieb Harikesh Tripathi:

In one of our applications we are embedding jetty as a webserver+container. Currently we are using jetty 6.1.24. Now we want to support our application on
Windows server 2012. Is jetty 6.1.24 is supported on windows server 2012?

If not which version of jetty is supported( or altleast known to work well with) on Windows server 2012?


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