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[jetty-users] War overlays in Jetty 9

I'm having a tough time figuring out how to use war overlays in Jetty 9. jetty-overlay.xml is not included in the M3 /etc directory, and the documentation at is confusing and maybe out of date.

I just want to have a common.war file that all of my webapps share. If a user goes to http://host/mywebapp/myfile.html and that file doesn't exist in /webapps/mywebapp, it should get pulled from common.war. Dynamic files like .jsps need to work as well.

I'd using embedded jetty.

(I'd also like to prevent each /mywebapp directory from having its own /WEB-INF, but that's a separate requirement.)

So how do I create a common war file and tell the container to use it?

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