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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty Hightide still around?

Originally Hightide (with jetty6) was a tight integration of some extra software components into a full on separate offering from the traditional jetty download.  This was when both concepts of 'jetty' and 'hightide' were housed at The Codehaus.

Then in 2009 or so we decided to move the project to The Eclipse Foundation and were suddenly having to sort out how to distribute a split project as not everything was able to come to eclipse because of IP reasons (they are very strict about what can and can't be downloaded from eclipse) and we had to work for years with a org.eclipse.jetty:jetty-distribution and then _something_ that contained some of the stuff that was left at The Codehaus.  That extra distribution took on the monikor of hightide and over time things started getting removed from it that made it different from the normal jetty-distribution.  Ultimately it because nothing more then a thin skin over the jetty-distribution so we have decided to let it fade away as something unique.  

Now with jetty-9 there is no 'Hightide' distribution per se...and no more active components at The Codehaus for jetty-9.  We have migrated the jetty-maven-plugin over from codehaus to eclipse and any active remaining modules as well.  Moving forward we will have one release on release day, a jetty-9 release whereas before with jetty7 and jetty8 releasing simultaneously on both the eclipse and codehaus sides release day was comprised of 4 separate releases at the same time.

With jetty-9 we would like to have a more 'plugin' friendly setup for third party integrations but we shelved our early efforts in that setup as not ready for prime time and we'll pick it back up when we have a more clear need and use cases.  Should the integrations formerly known as hightide surface in jetty-9 it would be through such a plugin mechanism as opposed to a full on separate distribution artifact as before.


jesse mcconnell

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Otis Gospodnetic <otis.gospodnetic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I was looking for information about Jetty Hightide and was unable to find out if Jetty Hightide is something that belongs to the past, or if Jetty Hightide is a packaging of Jetty that is still available with every new Jetty 7/8/9 release?

I looked at and could not find any mention of Hightide, which makes me think Jetty Hightide doesn't really exist any more?


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