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[jetty-users] root webapp on Jetty 8.1.8.v20121106

Hi All,

I've recently been testing upgrading from Jetty 6 to 8. Initially I upgraded to v7, which went fine but with v8 I'm having a problem with a 'root' folder in /webapp.

Basically, I'm using a symbolic link (which works in v6 and v7) to link to a directory, the link is called root. Problem is, starting v8 creates it as the name of the directory it's linked to, and not the link (so, ln -s /app/myprogram/core root shows as '/core' instead of '/' in Jetty). I took the .war instead, called it root.war, and placed it in the webapp, which worked fine.

Any change in behaviour between v6/v7 and v8 I need to know about? Feel like I'm missing something very obvious here, but symbolic links in v6 and v7 in the /webapp directory seemed to work fine, but not in v8.



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