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Re: [jetty-users] NCSA Request Log via slf4j?

yeah, sadly while we are mirrored out there the Eclipse foundation
makes it non-trivial to accept much of anything as a contribution

your best bet is to attach it to a bugzilla for it and we can sort
through the contribution process through there :)

There is a gerrit instance at eclipse that we can work with as well
but that still basically required a corresponding bugzilla


jesse mcconnell

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 1:25 PM, ccleve <> wrote:
> The venerable org.eclipse.jetty.server.NCSARequestLog is still writing
> request log files direct to disk. Would it be possible to add a class to
> Jetty that does the identical thing, except that it uses generic slf4j for
> output?
> The benefit is that we could manage all our log files in the same way.
> I wrote a modified NCSARequestLog class a little while ago to do that exact
> thing, and it works file, but I'm trying to use plain, generic jetty for
> everything.
> If anyone wants it, I'll clone Jetty on github and do a pull request with my
> class. It doesn't look like there are many pull requests on github, though,
> so I'm thinking that's not the right approach.
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