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[jetty-users] Question on configuration…..


Currently I am upgrading and restructuring the embedded jetty instance that is part of our project ( The purpose of the change is to have besides our own app the possibility to deploy WAR files too. Due to legacy, it is not possible (yet) to make things OK right now (sigh), so this is roughly the idea:

<project-home>/webapp/    [our webapplication, with local WEB-INF etc]
<project-home>/tools/jetty/webapps/   [the location for the WAR files]

The jetty.xml configuration is created by bundling the content of some of the standard jetty-*.xml files into one file ; the result I pasted on

(note the org.exist.jetty.WebAppContext, which is a hook to be able to gracefully shutdown the application)

The result seems to work just fine, but when I check the logging I see a number of 'double' or almost identical lines, which makes me a bit nervous. To save bandwidth I posted it to on

My question: what is it (probably an obvious thingy) that is wrong in my jetty.xml that seems to initialize code twice?

Kind regards


We use jetty-8.1.8.v20121106  but older versions show same behaviour

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