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[jetty-users] Wrapper for Jetty Client ?

Hello all,

I have been using HttpClient 3.1 for a while now, and am looking for an alternative.

I found a few options, Jetty Client is one of them.

I think that it would fulfill my requirements : I basically want to be able to reproduce the behaviour of <insert browser name> while navigating through an authenticated session on any web site.  An example would be a class that would login on my bank's web site and download all transaction data.

I would want the class(es) to be able to :

- send GET requests
- send POST requests
- add POST parameters
- add request headers (Referer, etc...)
- manage cookies (keep received cookies, but also allow the caller to manually remove/add cookies)
- manage GET and POST redirects automatically
- manage compressed responses
- handle multiple callers, for multiple web sites, at the same time

The interface would probably expose one public method, with the following parameters :

- target url
- method type (GET or POST)
- map of request headers
- map of post parameters

It would return the resulting HTML.

I've coded such a library with HttpClient, it works for most purposes, but it's far from perfect.  I've spent a significant amount of time coding it, and want to avoid spending that much time on a new library using Jetty Client.

Does anyone know of a project that does what I'm looking for ?

Or, are there already wrapper classes in Jetty Client that provides this functionality ?

Or, maybe there's some kind soul that has already coded this and is willing to share ?

Thanks for the help.

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