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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.0.M2 available

Jetty 9.0.0.M2 is available for review and comment now in maven
central and at this url:

Plans are for M3 in the next couple of weeks.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

jetty-9.0.0.M2 - 05 November 2012
 + 371170 MongoSessionManager LastAccessTimeTest fails
 + 391877 org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.FragmentDescriptor incorrectly reporting
   duplicate others for after ordering
 + 392237 Split jaas from jetty-plus into jetty-jaas and port the
   test-jaas-webapp from codehaus
 + 392239 Allow no error-code or exception for error-pages
 + 392304 fixed intermittent client SSL failure. Correctly compact in flip2fill
 + 392525 Add option to --stop-wait to specify timeout
 + 392641 JDBC Sessions not scavenged if expired during downtime
 + 392812 MongoSessionIDManager never purges old sessions
 + 392959 Review HttpClient.getConversation(long).
 + 393014 Mongodb purgevalid using query for purgeinvalid
 + 393015 Mongodb purge not rescheduled
 + 393075 Jetty WebSocket client cannot connect to Tomcat WebSocket Server
 + 393218 add xsd=application/xml mime mapping to defaults
 + 393291 Confusing log entry about (non) existing webAppSourceDirectory
 + 393303 use jetty-web.xml to explicitly add the jetty packages that need
   visability.   This commit also sucked in some changes made to help with the
   documentation process (improving deployer configuration management
 + 393363 Use Locale.ENGLISH for all toUpperCase and toLowerCase calls
 + 393368 min websocket version
 + 393383 delay onClose call until closeOut is done
 + 393494 HashSessionManager can't delete unrestorable sessions on Windows
 + JETTY-1549 jetty-maven-plugin fails to reload the LoginService properly
 + JETTY-1550 virtual WEB-INF not created if project has overlays

jesse mcconnell

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