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[jetty-users] Deploy WARs after startup only ?


I'm using Jetty 8 and I have configured a ContextProvider to scan a folder for
.xml context files to deploy.

I have quite a few of these (8) and deploying all the WARs takes some time,
around 1mn30s. Jetty won't bind the connector ports until all the WARs have been
deployed and started.

I'd like to know if there's a way to have the port bound as soon as possible,
and then start deploying the WARs ? That way some of the app can start serving
requests while the other ones are still starting.

If that's possible I'll then try to arrange for the most "visible" WARs to be
deployed first to reduce the perceived downtime every time we restart Jetty.

Does someone knows if there's a way to achieve that ? Basically I need a way to
tell the ContextProvider to *not* scan the folder at startup...



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