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[jetty-users] DoSFilter delayed request not retriggering filter chain

I am trying to use the DosFilter and it works fine as long as I reject
requests, however when I set a delay I can't get the request to process
through the filter chain like a new request.  The doc indicates that this
should happen, but what I see is the message being delayed okay, and when it
is restarted after the timeout it does so at an unexpected spot.  I know
it's not random so I was hoping someone could explain how the continuation
is resumed and why it is not reentering the filter chain.

Thanks, Dave

platform: WinXP 64bit
eclipse: Indigo Build id: 20120216-1857
Jetty version: jetty 7.6.2.v20120308
RunJettyRun: jetty7_1.3.3.201203161919

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