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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.0.M1 released

The next milestone has been released and pushed into central and is
available for download from eclipse.

There have been numerous fixes and improvements, of particular
interest is the combination of context and webapp directories now.
They are no longer split up which has been a fair source of confusion
over the last few they are all back together again.


jetty-9.0.0.M1 - 15 October 2012
 + 385049 fix issue with pipelined connections when switching protocols
 + 387896 populate session in SessionAuthentication as a valueBound in addition
   to activation so it is populate when needed
 + 387943 Catch CNFE when no jstl jars are installed
 + 387953 jstl does not work with jetty-7 in osgi
 + 388072 GZipFilter incorrectly gzips when Accept-Encoding: gzip; q=0
 + 388073 null session id from cookie causes NPE fixed
 + 388102 Jetty HttpClient memory leaks when sending larger files
 + 388393 WebAppProvider doesn't work alongside OSGi deployer
 + 388502 handle earlyEOF with 500
 + 388652 Do not flush on handle return if request is suspended
 + 388675 Non utf8 encoded query strings not decoded to parameter map using
 + 388706 Avoid unnecessary indirection through
 + 388895 Update dependencies for jetty-jndi
 + 389390 AnnotationConfiguration is ignored if the metadata-complete attribute
   is present in an override descriptor regardless of the value
 + 389452 if web-fragment metadata-complete==true still scan its related jar if
   there there is a ServletContainerInitializer, ensure webapp restarts work
 + 389686 Fix reference to org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.stderr.LONG system
   property in javadoc for StdErrLog
 + 389956 Bad __context set in WebAppContext.start sequence with respect to ENC
 + 389965 OPTIONS should allow spaces in comma separated list
 + 390108 Servlet 3.0 API for programmatic login doesn't appear to work
 + 390161 Apply DeferredAuthentication fix to jaspi
 + 390163 Implement ServletRegistration.Dynamic.setServletSecurity
 + 390503 http-method-omission element not being processed
 + 390560 The method AnnotationParser.getAnnotationHandlers(String) always
   returns a empty collection.
 + 391080 Multipart temp files can be left on disk from Request.getPart and
 + 391082 No exception if multipart input stream incomplete
 + 391188 Files written with Request.getPart().write(filename) should not be
 + 391483 fix bad javadoc example in shutdown handler
 + 391622 Be lenient on RFC6265 restriction on duplicate cookie names in same
 + 391623 Add option to --stop to wait for target jetty to stop
 + JETTY-1515 Include cookies on 304 responses from DefaultServlet.
 + JETTY-1532 HTTP headers decoded with platform's default encoding
 + JETTY-1541 fixed different behaviour for single byte writes
 + JETTY-1547 Jetty does not honor web.xml

jesse mcconnell

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