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[jetty-users] Jetty 7.6.2 and 8.1.2 (v20120308) Released!

We have pushed the 7.6.2.v20120308 and 8.1.2.v20120308 releases and
they are now available for download from maven central and the usual
eclipse and codehaus download locations.

We anticipate another release that will resolve a few lingering jsp
issues related to OSGI usage so if your an osgi user you might want to
wait for the next release before updating.


The following issues were resolved in both releases:

 + 370387 SafariWebsocketDraft0Test failure during build.
 + 371168 Update ClientCrossContextSessionTest
 + 372093 handle quotes in Require-Bundle manifest string
 + 372457 Big response + slow clients + pipelined requests cause Jetty spinning
   and eventually closing connections. Added a TODO for a method renaming that
   will happen in the next major release (to avoid break implementers).
 + 372487 JDBCSessionManager does not work with Oracle
 + 372806 Command line should accept relative paths for xml config files
 + 373037 jetty.server.Response.setContentLength(int) should not close a Writer
   when length=0
 + 373162 add improved implementation for getParameterMap(), needs a test
   though and the existing setup doesn't seem like it would easily support the
   needed test so need to do that still
 + 373306 Set default user agent extraction pattern for UserAgentFilter
 + 373567 cert validation issue with ocsp and crldp always being enabled when
   validating turned on fixed
 + JETTY-1409 GzipFilter will double-compress application/x-gzip content
 + JETTY-1489 WebAppProvider attempts to deploy .svn folder
 + JETTY-1494 .

jesse mcconnell

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