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Re: [jetty-users] How to change the extracted directory?

You have few choices.

1) Specify your own java.io.tmpdir java system property location for jetty to use.
    $ java -Djava.io.tmpdir=/path/to/my/new/temp/ -jar start.jar

2) Create a "work" directory under the ${jetty.home} path (whereever that is).
    That will cause Jetty to use that work directory instead of whatever the java.io.tmpdir property is set to.

3) Specify the tempDir attribute on the WebAppProvider deployments.
    Only valid for war file deployment scenarios, NOT valid for context based deployment.
    If you have etc/jetty-webapps.xml in your start.ini you have war file deployments enabled.
    Edit the ${jetty.home}/etc/jetty-webapps.xml file and add 1 more attribute on the WebAppProvider.
    <Set name="tempDir">/path/to/my/preferred/temp/dir/for/all/webapps</Set>

4) Set the tempDirectory attribute on the WebAppContext with context based deployments.
    NOT valid for war file deployment scenarios.
    If you have etc/jetty-context.xml in your start.ini you have context based deployments enabled.
    Edit the ${jetty.home}/contexts/myapp.xml and add the tempDirectory attribute on the WebAppContext.
    <Set name="tempDirectory">/path/to/my/preferred/temp/dir/for/this/context</Set>

Note: the servlet context attribute "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" can be used by your webapp to find out temp directory path is being used for the webapp.
Unfortunately, you cannot use this servlet context in your web.xml to set the tempdir as by the time this value is read from the web.xml it is too late in the deployment process to affect this settings (in other words ... the webapp has already been unpacked into the temp directory before this context attribute is even read)

You can also enable server dump logging to check for this servlet context attribute.

Joakim Erdfelt

http://webtide.com | http://intalio.com
(the people behind jetty and cometd)

2012/2/23 朱仕杰 <zhu19774279@xxxxxxxxxxx>
In Windows, Jetty 8.x always extracts war to "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp". I hope Jetty could extract war to other directory, what could I do?
ps: I DO NOT want to change the System Environment Variable.

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