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Re: [jetty-users] Request forwarding to services on different JVMs

You might want to look at using the ProxyServlet on the front end ( I found a few bugs with it a while back so I ended up writing my own but I believe that most of the issues have been resolved. We use it as a simple reverse/routing proxy in our test environments to route specific request paths to a bunch of backend servers. In production we use Cisco load balancers to do the same thing.


You may also want to check-out HAProxy  ( I've used it before in other production environments and it was rock solid and very flexible.




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I need to forward requests for different virtual hosts (ABC.COMDEF.COM, etc.) to different JVMs (service for ABC.COM, service for DEF.COM, etc.) on the same machine.  Can Jetty (8) be used like Apache's mod_proxy this way?  How? Any advantages or disadvantages? 


They need to be different JVMs for security and start/stop/crash isolation from each other. Requests need to all come to port 80 (or all to ssl port 443) because non-standard ports are often blocked for our users. Services could listen for 'forwards' on their own ports internally, if that would help.





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