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Re: [jetty-users] problem with security constraint

Hi Mario,

I just recently had to do the same thing with jetty and your config looks just fine and should work. Are you sure that you've properly prepared your new jetty7 installation for ssl? Does https work fine when you try to access it directly or is it only the redirect from http to https which does not work?

Here's the guides for ssl:


On 1/10/12 2:22 PM, Mario Georgiev wrote:

I have migrated an application from Jetty6 to Jetty7 and everything
works fine for the moment except that the security constraint that is
set as:


does not work.

When accessing files/resources from the server it never redirects me
to HTTPS. In Jetty6 that works just fine.

Any ideas why this doesn't work?

thomas becker
tbecker@xxxxxxxxxxx /
(the folks behind jetty and cometd)

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