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Re: [jetty-users] WebSockets: Specific Client Message stupid of me!

So it was correct what i did. thank you for your help.

And a servlet is the correct way to use websockets in jetty? or is there another way?

best regards

Simone Bordet schrieb:

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 19:37, Hendrik Schenk <hschenk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, so far. That is what i use already ;)

But  i get a problem with this example, if i use multiple clients
respectively parallel requests/connections .

If two or more clients connect to the server and the server answers, each
client get all answers.

For example:

Client 1 sends "hello"
Client 2 sends "world"  (at the same time)

Client 1 gets hello world or world hello
Client 2 gets the same.

I solved the problem by avoiding  "private final Set<ChatWebSocket> _members
= new CopyOnWriteArraySet<ChatWebSocket>();" in my Servlet-Class and in my
Server-Class. Where is that good for?!?! I do not understand it.

It's a single room chat: if a client sends a message, all other
clients must receive it.
That's why the example is iterating over the _members in onMessage().

If you want to reply (and not broadcast), just use the Connection
object to reply to the client that sent the message.


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