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Re: [jetty-users] various problems with embedded jetty (in web app)

Fix checked in to trunk. I've also pushed a new snapshot distribution here:

Please select and download the snapshot with the most recent date on
it and try it out - the jsp config should now be working.


On 22 December 2011 16:08, Jan Bartel <janb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ooops. The jsp problem is a bug in jetty-8's handling of the
> jsp-config element. Specifically, we're not returning it for the new
> ServletContext.getJspConfigDescriptor() method, which jasper in
> jetty-8 relies on.
> I've opened this bug:
> Should have a fix for you shortly.
> Jan
> On 22 December 2011 08:50, Eugen Cepoi <cepoi.eugen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a couple of problems and need your help and some recommendations on
>> embedding jetty in a web app.
>> I don't want to use maven to run it (no jetty:run) and I also don't want to
>> use the start jar provided. As I want the war to be self sufficient.
>> To do so I have, implemented 2 classes for embedding jetty:
>>                     - one is the "production" server main class, that will
>> be moved to the root of the war,
>>                     - the other is an implementation with hot deploy enabled
>> to run during development (from eclipse for example).
>> And configured a pom for maven to produce the executable war (I use shade
>> plugin to build it and choose only the needed artifacts to be copied at the
>> root and deleted them from the WEB-INF/lib).
>> Most of the things work fine except :
>>                     - If I use jetty 8 the jsp-config in web.xml doesn't
>> seem to be recognised, if I go back to jetty 7 and servlet 2.5 it's ok.
>> However I would like to use jetty 8... am I missing something? I am using
>> glassfishs implementations.
>>                     - Second problem. When I am using my development
>> implementation of the server I have nullpointerexception in
>> JstlBaseTLV.validate after a hot deploy of a jsp. If I look at the code, I
>> can see that the initParameters map is null. Do you have any clue on how I
>> could solve this problem? This one is pretty annoying...
>>                     - Last problem, when I am running the server on debian
>> linux the app takes twice as much memory as in windows xp... does someone
>> already had this kind of problem?
>> I am joining to the mail an extract of the pom and the two simplified server
>> classes.
>> Thank you for your help.
>> Kind regards,
>> Eugen
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