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[jetty-users] problem with webapp deployed as WebAppContext

Hi All,

I use jetty embedded in the equinox and the following code in bundle activator's start method to run my web application:

        WebAppContext webAppContext = new WebAppContext();
        ShopServlet shopServlet = new ShopServlet(this);
        ServletHolder servletHolder = new ServletHolder(shopServlet);
.addServlet(servletHolder, ShopServlet.SERVLET_PATH + "/*");
        Properties settings = new Properties();
        settings.put(OSGiWebappConstants.SERVICE_PROP_WAR, "webfiles");
        webappRegistration = bundleContext.registerService(
                ContextHandler.class.getName(), webAppContext, settings);

It works fine in the Debug run under IDE. When I export my product and run it as a standalone equinox app, It fails to retrieve resource files from webfiles if those resources are located in the subfolders. For instance, webfiles/css/some.css or webfiles/img/some.png. It succeeds to return webfiles/main.css though. Would anybody advise on this matter?

Best regards,
Ivan Larionov

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