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[jetty-users] WebInfConfiguration.resolvTempDirectory

Hi folks

I'm using Jetty7 embedded.  One of my users ran the hosting program in
his home directory, which happened to have a subdirectory named
"work."  Jetty extracted the war into that directory instead of using
/tmp as it usually does.  The caused mysterious problems when we
upgraded the program.  The user ran the program again in his home dir,
and ended up running the older servlets.

According to the javadoc for WebInfConfiguration.resolvTempDirectory,
this is expected behavior, but I wonder if there's a way to force
Jetty to ignore the user's "work" directory?  I want the behavior of
placing the war in $(, and that of deleting that dir's
contents on exiting and deployment.  Setting an explicit directory
would not give me that, if I am reading the javadoc correctly.


  -- Guy Hillyer

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