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[jetty-users] Jetty release 7.4.2

Jetty release 7.4.2.v20110526 is now available via and

This is a maintenance release that contains some fixes for busy CPU
with SSL and a new JVM NIO bug.   It is recommended to upgrade to
7.4.2, but if you are not suffering from the busy CPU issue, then the
upgrade is not urgent.

 + 334443 Improve the ability to specify extra class paths using the
Jetty Maven Plugin
 + 336220 tmp directory is not set if you reload a webapp with
 + 338364 Fixed expires header for set cookies
 + 345729 binding for managing server and system classes globally
 + 345615 Enable SSL Session caching
 + 345763 Source file is updated during the build
 + 345873 Update jetty-ssl.xml to new style
 + 345900 Handle ipv6 with default port
 + 346014 Fixed full HttpGenerator
 + 346124 ServletContext resources paths not resolved correctly when
using UNC shares
 + 346179 o.e.j.util.ScannerTest fails on MacOS X platform
 + 346181 o.e.j.server.StressTest stalls on MacOS X platform
 + 346998 AbstractLifeCycle.isRunning() returns false if state changes
from STARTING to STARTED during call
 + 346614 HttpConnection.handle() spins in case of SSL truncation attacks
 + 346764 OrderedGroupBinding deployment binding
 + 347137 Allow SSL renegotiations by default in HttpClient
 + 374174 Consistent mbean names
 + JETTY-1146 Encode jsessionid in sendRedirect
 + JETTY-1342 Recreate selector if wakeup throws JVM bug

8.0.0.M3 is on it's way also.

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