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[jetty-users] Jetty release 7.4.1.v20110513

Jetty release 7.4.1.v20110513 is now available for both eclipse and
codehaus distributions via:

This release contains numerous minor and moderate fixes.  Notable
among them are some improvements for SSL problems (most notably on
windows2007) and a really usable version of the overlay deployer (see

 + 288563 remove unsupported and deprecated --secure option
 + 332907 Add context property to ObjectName of JMX MBeans
 + 336056 Ability to override the computation of the ContextHandler to
deploy the DefaultServlet on the HttpService
 + 340040 Support for a total timeout
 + 343083 Set nested dispatch type and connection
 + 343172 Check package implementor for version
 + 343277 add support for a context white list
 + 343352 make sure that jetty.osgi.boot is activated when a WAB is registered
 + 343482 refactored overlay deployer layout to use WAR layout
 + 343567 HttpClient does not limit the destination's exchange queue
 + 343680 Handle OSGi bundle jars not ending in ".war"
 + 343707 'REQUEST' is printed on console for each incoming HTTP request
 + 343923 flush timeouts applied to outer loop
 + 343936 Session idle calls unbind and remove listeners
 + 344059 Websockets draft-07
 + 344067 Add support for OSGi fragment bundles to add static
resources to web-bundles
 + 344513 Attempting to set ConfigurationClasses in jetty-web.xml causes NPE
 + 344529 Ability to customize the error handling of the OSGi HttpService
 + 345047 Readded deprecated ScanningAppDeployer#setMonitoredDir
 + 345290 Weak references from SessionIdManager. HashSessionManager cleanup.
 + 345543 Always close endpoint on SSLException
 + 345679 Allow setting an initialized KeyStore as keystore/truststore
of SslContextFactory
 + JETTY-954 WebAppContext eats any start exceptions instead of
stopping the server load
 + JETTY-1314 Handle bad URI encodings
 + JETTY-1324 Tested not using CESU-8 instead of UTF-8
 + JETTY-1326 Invoker names not hashCode based
 + JETTY-1343 IllegalArgumentException for bad % encodings
 + JETTY-1347 Updated ServletHander javadoc

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