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Re: [jetty-users] jetty + ssl + haproxy (load balancer)

> 1) Who is at fault here? Is it haproxy for closing the connection after
> saying hello? or is this an issue with the java ssl implementation?

well, no one is really at fault imo, its an exception being tossed
from the sun code that we propagate up

> 2) It seems to be a benign exception. Can someone confirm that? Is there a
> way to not log it?

I believe this is benign and no there is not a way to turn off the
logging of that particular exception at this time

> 3) Do you have a recommendation on solving the health check problem
> differently? Our servers only listen on SSL ports.

I suspect this is fine and fits the bill for what your trying to do.
I would open an issue in for RT/Jetty and we can take
a look at an alternate way to toss the exception, maybe not WARN on
that particular one..


> Thanks!
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