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Re: [jetty-users] jetty 6 proxy problems

Dne 26.4.2011 0:54, Henrik Gustafsson napsal(a):
On Apr 26, 2011, at 0:41 , Vojtěch Jína wrote:

Hey, we use JsTestDriver, which uses Jetty 6.1.19 and there are two issues:

1/ Jetty proxy changes ajax requests from GET into POST method.
2/ Jetty proxy can't handle HEAD method ajax requests

We know that 6.1.19 is quit a bit old version, unfortunately, it would be huge code change at this moment to migrate...
So the questions are:
1/ Is there a jetty 6 source - svn repo ? I've found only jetty 7 repo with jetty 8 branch...

2/ Does anyone know, what could be the problem with these two issues listed above ?
No idea

// Henrik
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Thank you Henrik,

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