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[jetty-users] Authentication in Embedded Jetty

I am using Jetty 7.2.2.
I already have already an application (servlet + static files) in embedded mode, I wish to introduce authentication to this application.
I use org.eclipse.jetty.osgi.boot for embedding the jetty server.
I went through the test application that is available with jetty 7.2.2 (non embedded one). I wish to enable security constraints (and then JAAS
For this, test example advises to put something like below in its web.xml.
As of now I do not have any web.xml, How do these settings in embeded mode?
      <web-resource-name>Any User</web-resource-name>
I do have context.xml (as per the documenation), I created it. and put following content in it. ( I wish to follow instructions
given in the tutorial for non embedded mode).
 <Set name="securityHandler">
    <New class="">
     <Set name="loginService">
       <New class="">
         <Set name="name">Test_JAAS_Realm</Set>
         <Set name="loginModuleName">xyz</Set>
  <Set name="strict">false</Set>
 I am not getting any success . Looking for help.

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