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[jetty-users] Release 7.3.1.v201104307

Release 7.3.1.v201104307 of jetty@eclipse and jetty-hightide@codehaus
are now available via and

This release fixes many minor and moderate issues, many with async
SSL, as well as adding support for draft 6 webcockets

jetty-7.3.1.v20110307 7 March 2011
 + 316382 Support a more strict SSL option with certificates
 + 333481 Handle UCS-4 codepoints in decode and encode
 + 335329 Moved blocking timeout handling to outside try catch
 + 336668 policy supports cert validation
 + 336691 Possible wrong length returned by ChannelEndPoint.flush() in
case of RandomAccessFileBuffer
 + 336781 If xml parser is not validating, turn off external dtd resolution
 + 336793 Tee data filled and flushed from endpoint
 + 337258 Scanner start and end cycle notification
 + 337268 Allow specifying alias of a certificate to be used by SSL connector
 + 337270 Shared Timer for session management
 + 337271 Flush SSL endpoint when dispatch thread held forever
 + 337678 Readded optional async connection mode for HttpClient
 + 337685 Work in progress on draft 6 websockets
 + 337746 Fixed Session deIdle recursion
 + 337784 Improve HashSessionManager for session migrations
 + 337878 Extra tests of security constraints
 + 337896 HttpExchange.timeout does not override HttpClient.timeout
 + 337898 set client HttpConnection max idle time from exchange timeout
 + 338035 Default acceptors 0.25*CPUs and improved selector/acceptor
thread names.
 + 338068 Leaking ConstraintMappings on redeploy
 + 338092 ProxyServlet leaks memory
 + 338607 Removed managed attributes when context is stopped
 + 338880 Fixed failing buffer range checks
 + 338920 Handle non existent real path directories
 + 338961 AJP packet size
 + JETTY-1304 Allow quoted boundaries in Multipart filter
 + JETTY-1317 More elegent handling of bad URIs in requests
 + JETTY-1331 Allow alternate XML configuration processors (eg spring)
 + JETTY-1335 HttpClient's SelectConnector clean-up
 + JETTY-1333 HttpClient _timeout and _soTimeout is messed up
 + JETTY-1337 Workname cannot contain '.'
 + JETTY-1338 Trust default SecureRandom seed

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