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[jetty-users] Configure to call JSP in embedded Jetty 7.2.2

Hi All,

I wanted to call index.jsp file using the following url http://localhost:8080/mytestcontext/index.jsp .  Also jetty 7.2.2 is embedded in eclipse based equinox container . When i start the jetty i get the following INFO message on osgi console 

2011-02-22 12:46:32.537:INFO::NO JSP Support for /lmauto, did not find org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet

I used following url to add jetty bundle dependeny in my application .

My Open question : 

1) Is there any dependency which is missing to lanch jsp file ? If yes then which osgified bundle i have to add.

2) The web.xml entry is shown below . Is there any extra stuff i have to add to xml file .

  <!--  <welcome-file>LMAutomation.html</welcome-file>-->

Best Regards,

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