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[jetty-users] High load config for Jetty 7

I'm trying to tune my jetty 7 server and I'm not sure what else to do.
I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8 64bit and with Open Bluedragon and I have
around 3000 clients which are trying to talk to the server via SOAP around
12:00 PM. I see that Jetty has  just over a thousand threads open and and
cpu is at 100% and not using any of the other cores.

This has been working fairly well but as I'm adding more clients I'm
starting to see error 503 message "Service Temporarily Unavailable".

Is there anything I can do to make Jetty more efficient?

I have included my site.xml file (only the changes I have made) and my
start.ini as well.


Site.xml file
    <!-- =========================================================== -->
    <!-- Server Thread Pool                                          -->
    <!-- =========================================================== -->
    <Set name="ThreadPool">
      <!-- Default queued blocking threadpool -->
      <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool">
        <Set name="minThreads">100</Set>
        <Set name="maxThreads">1400</Set>

    <!-- =========================================================== -->
    <!-- Set connectors                                              -->
    <!-- =========================================================== -->
    <Call name="addConnector">
          <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.nio.SelectChannelConnector">
            <Set name="host"><SystemProperty name="" /></Set>
            <Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.port"
            <Set name="maxIdleTime">300000</Set>
            <Set name="Acceptors">2</Set>
            <Set name="statsOn">false</Set>
            <Set name="confidentialPort">8443</Set>
         <Set name="lowResourcesConnections">5000</Set>
         <Set name="lowResourcesMaxIdleTime">5000</Set>

start.ini file


Charles Heizer
Systems Management Solutions Group
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P: 925-422-0197 

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