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Re: [jetty-users] Continuations in Jetty 7?

I get now that I need the jetty-util-6 jar in there, but I'm having problems making Jetty use it.  First I just dumped it in the lib directory hoping Jetty would pick it up, but it didn't.  Then I tried it in my webapp's lib directory and no luck there either.  Then I tried adding it to the CLASSPATH env variable, but that didn't seem to do anything either.

ContinuationSupport.class.getClassLoader().loadClass("org.mortbay.util.ajax.Continuation") seems to get a NoClassFoundException.  Where do I need to put the jetty-util-6 jar to get Jetty to load it so that part will work?

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Kevin Jordan <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How are continuations supposed to be used in Jetty 7?  When I try to use them, I get !(Jetty || Servlet 3.0 || ContinuationFilter).  I have the ContinuationFilter on, but it seems to have initParameters for jetty6, partial, and faux continuations.  But I also look at ContinuationSupport and it seems to have references to org.mortbay.util.ajax.Continuation which is supposed to be renamed under the move to the org.eclipse package space.  Can anyone give me an example of how to set it up?  I can't seem to find much on the wiki in relation to doing it under Jetty 7. 

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