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[jetty-users] A bug of jetty with AJP connector?

Hi everyone:

1. First I downloaded the jetty source from

I just modified the start.ini like this:

# Start classpath OPTIONS.
# These control what classes are on the classpath
# for a full listing do
#   java -jar start.jar --list-options
OPTIONS=Server,jsp,jmx,resources,websocket,ext,ajp #-----------------------------------------------------------

# Configuration files.
# For a full list of available configuration files do
#   java -jar start.jar --help
# etc/jetty-ssl.xml
# etc/jetty-requestlog.xml
etc/jetty-ajp.xml #===========================================================

2. Then I configured apache-2.2.15 like this:

   ProxyPass / ajp://
   ProxyPassReverse / ajp://

   ProxyRequests On
   ProxyVia On

I use the mod_proxy_ajp to communicate with jetty.

3. When I test the default test web apps like this: wget
The apache are just waiting and don't  response my request.

4. I have dumped all the AJP packets with tcpdump. You can see the problem. The response's SEND_BODY_CHUNK packet loses the beginning of the page "<html>". And then the AJP packet's length is wrong.

5. I don't know if it is the problem of apache or jetty. Maybe someone can help me.

ps: I have another question: Why jetty sends the GET_BODY_CHUNK packet even it's a GET method request? I think it's useless.

Weibin Yao

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