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[jetty-users] jetty 8 M1 annotation auto discover


I am having some trouble to use the classpath scan. I have a servlet
annotated as followed:
@WebServlet(urlPatterns = "/chat", asyncSupported = true)
public class ChatServlet extends HttpServlet {

If I start jetty 8M1 hightide with a war containing this servlets
inside webapps, the servlet is not mapped and I will get a 404 (in the
absence of a web.xml or even with a web.xml only declaring the webapp
and the 3.0dtd)

If I put an pretty simple web.xml inside, declaring:



It works.

Shouldnt these configurations inside hightide be enough for the
classpath scanning?

Paulo Silveira
Caelum | Ensino e Inovação

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