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[jetty-users] Jetty 7.0.0.RC5 released


Jetty 7.0.0.RC5 is out and available now for download.

We'll update the download links today and put it up on the
site but for now you have early access!

This is hopefully the final release candidate and we'll be making a
jetty 7.0.0 release soon.

Issues resolved in this release are:

jetty-7.0.0.RC5 27 August 2009
 + 286911 Clean out cache when recycling HTTP fields
 + JETTY-838 Don't log and throw
 + JETTY-874 Better header full warnings
 + JETTY-960 Support for ldaps
 + JETTY-1081 Handle null content type in GzipFilter
 + JETTY-1084 Disable GzipFilter for HEAD requests
 + JETTY-1085 Allow url sessionID if cookie invalid
 + JETTY-1086 Added UncheckedPrintWriter to avoid ignored EOFs
 + JETTY-1087 Chunked SSL non blocking input
 + 287496 Use start.ini always and added --exec
 + 287632 FilterContinuations for blocking jetty6


jesse mcconnell

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