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[jetty-users] What's new in Jetty 7?

Hi guys,

This may have been asked before, but I couldn't find any definite resource describing the changes between Jetty 6 & 7.

Some background... I am now contemplating an upgrade of a large cluster of Jetty 6.1.11 instances (seriously customized for centralized cluster management, logging, etc.). With some fairly light effort I was able to port it to 7.0.0.RC3 and run in a test environment. So I do realize the extent of code refactoring that happened between the versions (and btw, thanks for the great job preserving backwards compatibility during migration to Eclipse!)

Now I am curious if there's any new features under the hood to justify moving the new version to production, instead of waiting till Jetty 8 / Servlet 3.0? Going through the docs the only thing that I found is this:

"From Jetty 7 onwards, the Continuations API has been extended to be a general purpose API that will work asynchronously on any servlet-3.0 container, as well as on Jetty 6, 7, or 8."

Which is definitely important. Any other major feature changes that I'm missing?


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